About the Company

Fearless Minds Theatrical is a theatre and film production project of Marrok Sedgwick, especially focusing on activism supporting disability communities and queer communities. The purpose of FMT is to produce activist works that center disabled and queer perspectives and stories. FMT is an activist project, not a professional company.

Please note that FMT is not a formal production company and does not have a regular production schedule. FMT is the project name under which Marrok Sedgwick makes film and performance/theater art as a part of his activism and as a hobby. Sedgwick can be available to support other activist projects with videography and editing services when time and resources allow, on a sliding scale. He is also available to mentor other activists and youth who wish to use film, performance, and/or theatre for their activism on a limited basis, as time and resources allow.

A young trans man stands in an empty, small theater space with a chandelier behind them. They wear a grey suit, brown and grey striped neck tie, and a tie clip with a red heart over a red shirt. They are smiling gently.
Marrok Sedgwick, Creative Producer Pronouns: he/him

Marrok Zenon Sedgwick is a disabled trans activist and educator who uses film and performance as a tool for challenging society’s injustices. As a creative producer and documentarian, Sedgwick has most recently produced and directed the documentary film People Like Me which has won multiple awards and screened internationally. His short film, Stim, won the PK Walker Innovation Award at the Superfest International Disability Film Festival in California’s Bay Area. As an educator, Sedgwick has worked in general education and special education classrooms, as well as with a drama program for youth with disabilities. He has holds the MFA in Social Documentation from University of California Santa Cruz and is currently pursuing the PhD in Learning Sciences at University of Illinois Chicago to continue researching better ways to teach disabled youth. He brings his activism into his teaching and research work. Image is a masc-looking person with glasses and wearing a suit and tie standing in a small theater space with folding chairs. Photo by Javoneh Safakish