About the Company

Fearless Minds Theatrical is a theatre and film production company that creates new works and innovative adaptations in order to foster new artists from traditionally underserved populations, especially the disability community and the queer community. At FMT, the communities traditionally excluded from the entertainment industry are celebrated. FMT is created by disabled and queer people, but seeks to include non-disabled, cisgender, and heterosexual people in order to work towards a community where the integration of all people is achieved.

The mission of FMT is threefold: to challenge popular perceptions of disabled and queer people so that our audiences can encounter the delightfully human truth that members of these communities live; to fight back against the exclusion of disabled and queer people from the entertainment industry; and therefore to do our part to create a more just society.

In order to fulfill this mission, FMT centralizes the following ideas:

  • Radical Accessibility: We are always striving to make our company more accessible to disabled people, queer people, and people of color. We are dedicated to never deciding that we are “accessible enough.” We will always work to make our company, events, and activities as accessible as we are able. If you ever encounter inaccessibility from us, please contact us with ideas on how we can improve ourselves. As part of our dedication to accessibility, we minimize financial barriers to audience participation in our work, such as offering tickets on a pay-what-you-can basis or on a sliding scale.
  • Presume Competence: We aren’t looking for collaborators with the longest resume or the most prestigious education. We are looking for collaborators whose hearts and souls are aligned with our mission. For this reason, when we take on collaborators for a project, our first step is to presume competence–to presume that our collaborator is competent to do the work we have welcomed them/her/him into our company to do. Over time, we will develop training programs for adults and educational camps for youth so that we can help those whom we know have the capacity for artmaking to develop professional skills.
  • Centralize Underserved Populations: Knowing that diversity is imperative for survival, the stories our projects tell will centralize people who are underserved in the mainstream media. The stories will seek to accurately represent members of these communities as fully human.
  • Community Engagement: Our work towards a more just community does not stop when the curtain closes or the credits roll. FMT is working on educational and other programming that will help the community be as inclusive as possible. In the future, as our company grows, we will work with our community in order to better understand how we can serve it in other ways. If you have thoughts or ideas, feel free to contact us.