About the Company

Fearless Minds Theatrical is a theatre and film production company that creates new works and innovative adaptations in order to foster new artists from traditionally underserved populations, especially the disability community and the queer community. At FMT, the communities traditionally excluded from the entertainment industry are celebrated. FMT is led by disabled and queer people.

FMT is currently on a limited production schedule while Creative Producer Marrok Sedgwick completes the MFA in Social Documentation at University of California Santa Cruz.

A young trans man stands in an empty, small theater space with a chandelier behind them. They wear a grey suit, brown and grey striped neck tie, and a tie clip with a red heart over a red shirt. They are smiling gently.
Marrok Sedgwick, Creative Producer Pronouns: they/them

Marrok Zenon Sedgwick is a disabled trans activist and educator who uses artmaking as their primary tool for challenging society’s injustices. As a creative producer and documentarian, Sedgwick has most recently produced and directed the documentary film Rewriting Love for their theater and film company, Fearless Minds Theatrical (FMT). The film looks at the changing nature of families as society grows more inclusive of LGBTQIA community members. As an educator, Sedgwick has worked in general education and special education classrooms, as well as with a drama program for youth with disabilities. Sedgwick’s goal is to build FMT into a non-profit community arts center, which will serve as a safe space for people from the disability, LGBTQ, and intersecting communities (especially communities of color) to make art, share resources, and find camaraderie. Sedgwick serves on the Rainbow Speakers and Friends panel, which travels across Monterey County to educate school and community groups about the LGBTQIA community. Photo by Javoneh Safakish