Call for Submissions from Deaf/Disabled Artists

Fearless Minds Theatrical is currently seeking performance texts (such as scripts, etc) written by artists of any performance medium (including theater, dance, spoken word, multimedia, film/video, and more) to support potential future projects. This call for submissions comes as an effort to support up and coming playwrights, screenwriters, and other writers of performance work who identify as disabled (including invisible disabilities and forms of neurodivergence such as mental illness) and/or d/Deaf. The work can be anything from a play to a treatment for an experimental multimedia work. Our goal is to have a range of artists of different backgrounds who identify as disabled and/or d/Deaf to whom we might reach out for future season planning.


  1. The work must have consistent, clear formatting. (We recommend adhering to the industry standard format for the medium in which you write, although if your piece is better represented in an alternative format, that is welcome.)
  2. The work should be proofread and polished.
  3. The work must be intended to describe a performance. Performances include both live and recorded works, such as plays, musicals, films, spoken word poetry, and more. Literature or other works that would not be performed for an audience are not accepted.
  4. The work must be written by a person with a disability or a person who is d/Deaf or hard of hearing. (The work does not need to strongly feature disability issues.)
  5. The submission form must be filled out in full.
  6. Works can be submitted online or by mail (see instructions below).
  7. Artists are welcome to submit more than one work, but artists must submit a separate submission form for each work.
  8. Artists may only submit work for which they hold the copyright. If a work has been written by more than one artist, each artist must sign the submission form.
  9. We are happy to accept works written in a language other than English, but due to limited resources it may take us longer to translate and review this work, so you are recommended to include an English translation that you feel accurately represents your work (please note your preferred language for performance). If an artist wishes to submit a work in American Sign Language (or another signed language), we will accept video documentation instead of written work. However, if this video is describing a performance work, it should not be a video of the actual performance, but rather a video of the artist describing in detail what will happen in the performance.
  10. We do not accept videos of another production’s performance of the work, except in special circumstances where it is not feasible to produce a full and complete description of the work in another way. This is because we believe that the individual adaptation and performance of a performance text to the stage represents the intellectual property of the director/choreographer/etc, and we do not seek to copy their work exactly. A notable exception may be performance art that the performance artist wishes to submit with the stipulation that only the submitting artist will be allowed to perform the work. If you think your work is an exception to this policy, please contact us at before submitting your work.

To submit, please read our Terms and Conditions (below), and then submit through this link:  You may also email us to request a printable form to accompany a hard copy sent by mail. If you choose to mail the copy, you are responsible for all shipping and handling. If you require any of this information in an alternative format, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The purpose of this project is to build an internal library of work by artists who identify as disabled, d/Deaf, or hard of hearing. Fearless Minds Theatrical does not guarantee that any given work will be produced.
  2. Artists agree that any work submitted can be freely shared amongst internal staff and volunteers for Fearless Minds Theatrical, and that Fearless Minds Theatrical is allowed to hold in its library a copy of the submission.
  3. The artist may choose in the submission form to give permission to Fearless Minds Theatrical to share their work with colleagues who may be interested in producing the work. If the artist does not so indicate in the submission form, the work will be saved in Fearless Minds Theatrical’s library for internal use only. Should the artist choose to so indicate in the submission form, the artist is agreeing that Fearless Minds Theatrical’s employees will be allowed to share a copy of the work submitted with any non-affiliated colleagues at the sole discretion of Fearless Minds Theatrical. The sharing of this work does not come with any remuneration, nor any guarantee that the work will be performed. This act of sharing would be a good faith attempt at supporting the artist.
  4. Should Fearless Minds Theatrical have an interest in producing an artist’s work, that artist will be contacted to negotiate a paid contract. The artist will retain the right to refuse any such contracts for any reason.
  5. Should the artist decide they no longer wish their work to be included in Fearless Minds Theatrical’s library, they must contact Fearless Minds Theatrical directly at (or via mail) to request in writing that the work be removed. Upon receipt of and processing of this request, Fearless Minds Theatrical will remove the work from the library.
  6. Artists retain all copyright ownership of their work.
  7. By submitting, the artist acknowledges that Fearless Minds Theatrical is a very small company with minimal resources, and does not produce work every year. The artist understands that due to this, they may not hear back from Fearless Minds Theatrical about potentially producing their work for many years, even if Fearless Minds Theatrical wishes to produce the work. As such, the artist agrees that Fearless Minds Theatrical may keep a perusal copy of the work indefinitely, unless the artist revokes the use of that perusal copy according to the stipulations above (section 5). The artist also agrees that it is the sole responsibility of the artist to contact Fearless Minds Theatrical in order to update the artist’s contact information.
  8. By submitting, the artist asserts that they identify as a person with a disability, disabled, a person living with mental illness, d/Deaf, or hard of hearing.
  9. The artist understands that Fearless Minds Theatrical does not produce work that promotes an ableist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or other bigoted worldview, including work that is seen as “victim blaming.” These terms and the nature of a given work’s promotion of them are defined at the sole discretion of Fearless Minds Theatrical. Any submissions that are found to contain content that promote any or all of these worldviews will not be stored.
  10. Work will not be returned to the artist (do not send your only copy).
  11. Due to its small size, Fearless Minds Theatrical prefers electronic copies wherever possible.
  12. The library Fearless Minds Theatrical will create through this call for submissions will not be available to the general public, or to other individuals who are neither affiliated with Fearless Minds Theatrical, nor an industry professional who may have an avenue to get the work produced. Due to this intent, as well as the small size of Fearless Minds Theatrical at this time, there will be no remuneration simply for submission of work to the library. Note that it is not the industry standard to pay artists for work that is submitted to companies for perusal, and this policy reflects that standard. The work will not be published. Should Fearless Minds Theatrical decide to create a public library of work (freely open to perusal by anyone), Fearless Minds Theatrical will contact the artist first, and request permission of inclusion in the public library only upon mutual agreement, including a paid contract. The artist reserves the right to negotiate the contract and to refuse permission for the work to be included in a public library for any reason.
  13. Fearless Minds Theatrical reserves the right to choose not to include a work in the library for any reason.
  14. If the artist’s work has already been published, and is available for purchase, the artist does not need to include a full copy of the work. The artist is invited to provide information on how Fearless Minds Theatrical can purchase the work. Note that submission for an already published work does not guarantee that Fearless Minds Theatrical will purchase a copy of the work. All other artists should include a full copy of the work, for which they will receive no remuneration (see 12, above).
  15. Fearless Minds Theatrical will not request documentation of an artist’s disability or hearing difference.
  16. This call for submissions is explicitly intended to support the proliferation of talented artists who identify as disabled (including mental illness and all invisible disabilities), d/Deaf, or hard of hearing. Artists who do not identify with one of these identities may contact Fearless Minds Theatrical for more information about submitting other work at
  17. Cost of submitting materials (such as mailing and printing hard copies) are the sole responsibility of the artist.
  18. Work submitted without completing all required portions of the submission form will not be included in the library.
  19. By submitting work using the submission form, the artist agrees to all these terms and conditions.