Creative Inclusion Workshop

Planning for open captions, audio description, ASL interpretation and other programs for “access days” is becoming a highly popular way to build new relationships with community members who are traditionally underserved in the performing arts and beyond. While lawyers can help performing arts companies, events planners, and other organizations ensure that the tools, techniques, and technologies are all meeting legal requirements, they can’t give guidance on how to make inclusion as much a part of the experience as every other. The Creative Inclusion Workshop (CIW) bridges the gap–and it’s fun to participate in! The workshop features a game component that makes it a unique alternative to typical team-building exercises.

CIW teaches you to think dramaturgically about the world your event builds, holistically about the target audience’s needs, and use that foundation to prepare your organization to design universally. Each workshop is individually tailored to your organization’s industry and goals.

Workshop fees offered on a sliding scale. Please contact us for more information.

This workshop was developed by Marrok Sedgwick while studying Creative Producing and Management at California Institute of the Arts. The goal of the workshop is to help other organizations/groups learn a process for creating successful inclusion initiatives that may attract new audience members from disability communities. This page, the workshop, and any materials distributed are all intended to help build community, and do not constitute legal advice.