Past Productions

Conquering Madness, a new play by Marrok Sedgwick

Presented as a staged reading

Directed by Michael Lojkovic and Marrok Sedgwick

Starring Roxanne Cheysson, Richard Boynton, Chris Caffrey, Brian Benjamin Balistreri

August 2015

Conquering Madness is a dark comedy about Ginny, a young woman who believes she turns into a wolf at night, and her team of mental health providers–who transcend time and space. Incorporating elements of dance, this magical realist play is based on a yearlong ethnographic/history research project delving into the lives of those who live with mental illness and their experience of the power dynamic in the patient-provider relationship.

Sponsored by: Denise DeBono, Jacqueline Sedgwick, Shirley Sedgwick, Richard Boynton

Special Thanks to: Hidden Valley Music Seminars, Carmel Youth Center for providing facilities and Rachel Abrams, Dr. Caroline Acker, Prof. Kirsten Brandt, Dr. Karen Faulk, Lyn Whiting for reading and commenting on earlier drafts of the play.