People Like Me

People Like Me is a film about autism acceptance. It features interviews with non-speaking autistic adults about their visions for the future.

People Like Me is an official selection of the 2019 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival and the 2019 Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest in London, England. Read Creative Producer Marrok Sedgwick’s interview for San Francisco Transgender Film Festival here:

Sedgwick_6_Huan and Scribe with Marrok_high res
Autistic self advocate Huan Vuong (orange shirt) tells Marrok Sedgwick (straw hat) his vision for the future, through the assistance of his scribe Micah Budway (blue shirt).

[Image description: An overcast day. On the left, Vietnamese-American person with short hair points to letters on a plastic letterboard held by his scribe, who is seated next to him. On the right, a white person in a straw Stetson hat sits in his walker, holding his hand in the Y shape signing “Oh-I-See.” Behind them are trees and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC. An orange subtitle box floats center-top, reading, “I want us all to have access to a form of communication that works for us.”]

Special thanks to generous contributions from:
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Brett Kashmere
Judi Levine & Ben Lewin
Isaac Sachs
Susan Walton