People Like Me

Sedgwick_6_Huan and Scribe with Marrok_high res
Autistic self advocate Huan Vuong (orange shirt) tells Marrok Sedgwick (straw hat) his vision for the future, through the assistance of his scribe Micah Budway (blue shirt).

[Image description: An overcast day. On the left, Vietnamese-American person with short hair points to letters on a plastic letterboard held by his scribe, who is seated next to him. On the right, a white person in a straw Stetson hat sits in his walker, holding his hand in the Y shape signing “Oh-I-See.” Behind them are trees and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC. An orange subtitle box floats center-top, reading, “I want us all to have access to a form of communication that works for us.”]

People Like Me is a film about autism acceptance. It features interviews with non-speaking autistic adults about their visions for the future.

People Like Me is part of the fulfillment of the Master of Fine Arts in Social Documentation at University of California Santa Cruz, and will be screened for the public on June 12, 2019 at the Del Mar cinema on Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz. The screening is free and open to the public, and includes the thesis films of all the graduating class. It begins at 7pm. Tickets need not be reserved in advance.

Special thanks to generous contributions from:
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